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Cabezal Movil SPOT, LED white light 75W, Beam angle: 13°, DMX/RDM, IP20
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Cabezal Movil SPOT, LED white light 75W, Beam angle: 13°, DMX/RDM, IP20

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Cabezal Movil SPOT, LED white light 75W, Beam angle: 13°, DMX/RDM, IP20

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Name: LED moving head spot 
Light source: single  module super-power LED white light 75W, life time is 50000H 
Color temperature:  7000K-7500K 
Beam angle: 13° 

Linear dimming: 0-100% electronic linear dimming 
Fast shutter: independent electronic strobe  1-25hz, built-in strobe macro function effect 
Fixed color: 1 fixed color wheel with 8 filters +white light, half-tone effect, linear color conversion, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds, and rainbow effect 
Dynamic gobo:1 rotating gobo wheel with 7 interchangeable gobos +white, indexable and bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds, gobo shaking at variable speeds, and 16-bit accurate fine tuning

Prism: 3 facet prism and 3D prism, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds, with macro function effect 
Focus: high precision optical glass lens, electronic high-definition linear control 
Wash effect: 1 wash effect, soft natural light spots 
Pan/tilt: pan scanning angle 540°/630° (16-bit precision scanning), tilt scanning angle 270° (16-bit precision scanning), three-phase motor provides fast smooth scanning and eliminates drive noise

Display interface: wide screen LCD in both Chinese and English 
Power setting: built-in continuous rechargeable battery, allowing setting functional data via LCD interface without power connection 
Sleep mode: uses the most advanced technology to remotely activate sleep mode. When the lamp is disconnected from signal, the sleep mode is enabled automatically to make it more stable and safer. Sleep time can be customized

Communication design: DMX wired or wireless signal transmission, RDM bi-directional control technology, can be upgraded by DMX remote software. 
Intelligent heat dissipation: adopts forced air cooling and intelligent temperature monitoring to cool fixture parts, automatically adjusting the cooling system components to efficiently control the temperature according to the temperature values in different locations of the fixture. 
Control channel: 3 optional control channels 16/14/12

IP: IP20 
Packing: waterproof and shockproof flight case or carton 


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